What are the regional and infrastructural restrictions on Kaspersky?

Kaspersky offers high-end protection to the Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. By choosing from its wide range of security software and anti-viruses, a user can ensure complete protection of their devices from all types of online frauds, phishing scams, virus attacks, malicious activities, and other threats. What makes purchasing and organizing your Kaspersky subscriptions is a Kaspersky account. What makes purchasing and organizing your Kaspersky subscriptions is a Kaspersky account, where you can also find the Kaspersky activation code.

kaspersky activation

The functionality of the Kaspersky lab products may get restricted depending on the regional and infrastructural limits that can be checked while creating a new account on the Kaspersky website. But if somehow you have missed it, check out the same below:


  1. Choosing a country different than the one in which your bank card that is being used for the payment of your Kaspersky subscription is registered may cause you face a number of problems during the purchase.
  2. If a Kaspersky Lab product has been officially released only for specific region excluding yours then you will not be able to see them in the relevant sections of the Kaspersky websites. In addition, the interface elements associated with those applications will also remain hidden or unavailable in your preferred language.
  3. If the license you have purchased for a particular Kaspersky Labs security product is region-specific and your Kaspersky Lab account is registered in some other region then you might not be able to access the license on the device for downloading or installing the package of your purchased application.


With the infrastructural restrictions, you will get to know the information about the number of connections of the Kaspersky Labs:

  1. You can connect a maximum of 500 devices to your Kaspersky account
  2. You can connect a maximum of 100 licenses to your Kaspersky activation account
  3. You can connect a maximum of 100 child profiles to your Kaspersky account
  4. You can connect a maximum of 50 family accounts to the license owner’s Kaspersky account

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