How to allow or forbid the use of Kaspersky Password Manager?

Kaspersky Internet Security software is available with highly innovative features that help the users to secure their digital devices. This software detects and prevents online threats, malware, worms, and viruses etc. The offered software has a number of features that make it outstanding among the leading internet security products. Moreover, this product can be purchased in various forms as per the specific requirements like total security product, password management encryption, and parental control. Moreover, this software protects our data, devices, and family from hacking, crashing and other virus threats.


After purchasing the Kaspersky product a user needs to install and activate by visiting The user will get Kaspersky activation Code with which he can activate the product. After purchasing Family package for Kaspersky Security Cloud, the user provides security to the digital devices for the whole family.

This Family package empowers the subscription owner to share security to family members and remotely manage their security on their different devices. Apart from this, when the users who accepted the invitation to share protection automatically get the access to utilize the applications included in the family package for free.

Once a user opt for family subscription and reached the limit for the number of Kaspersky Password Manager Premium users, it is in the hands of the subscription owner that he can allow or forbid a specific user to use the premium version of this cyber security software.

To allow or forbid the use of the premium version under the family subscription, the user needs to follow some simple steps and in case if the user still can’t able to allow or forbid the family subscription, then call Kaspersky internet Security toll-free number.

  • Visit the Home section.
  • Go to the Licenses subsection
  • Connect to the Users button to enable allow or forbid section, on the Kaspersky Security Cloud Family panel.
  • Now, click to the button with the name of the user for whom you want to allow or forbid the use of the premium version.
  • You can open the user information on the window.
  • In case if you are using applications and services section, the track of the following procedure:
    • If the user wants to allow to the use of the premium version, he needs to click the Activate application button.
    • And if the user wants to forbid the use of the premium version, he needs to choose Premium use is forbidden in the drop-down menu on the panel.

Note: The utilization of the premium version under the family subscription is allowed or forbidden only by the Kaspersky Security Cloud.

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